Catch up with Panda’s New CAD Card at A’17 in Orlando

card-image2This year at the 2017 AIA – American Institute of Architects –  Convention in Orlando Panda Windows and Doors is adding something more useful to its standard fare of bags and pens it usually hands out at conventions.  After receiving constant requests for CAD, BIM and SPEC information from their website, the leadership at Panda decided to create a comprehensive “Library Card” that contains all the same information on the website in one convenient location with no password required.

Of course, this information is still available on our website with the request of a password, however putting it on a single 4GB plastic USB card has made this a resource that is available anytime 24/7 without the need for Internet connectivity.  The card is compatible with virtually any device that can read a USB-3 device.

planningThe advantage to architects is that now they can simply take the card out of their pocket, wallet or desk drawer, plug it in and start working immediately when they are wanting spec data or object data for a division 8 or division 10 door system.

Want your own card?  If you are an architect simply show up to booth 4011 and trade in one of your business cards for our plastic 4GB USB Panda-library card.

This latest release from Panda is yet another way to work even closer with architects and designers who want to use Panda’s ultra-high quality door systems in their projects.

If you want a card, but cannot make it to the A’17 convention you can simply fill out the contact form on Panda’s website and request one.